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Photography – The third eye…

February 18, 2012

Nowadays I am getting interested towards photography. It is not that I am a good photographer or something like that, but why I really don’t know. I own a long zoom camera (Sony cybershot DSC-H 5) since four long years and i have clicked a lot of photographs with that. It was never much exciting unless a couple of months before. In order to celebrate the new year, I have been to Mumbai and had a lot of fun there with friends and relatives. I shot a lot of photographs during this period of my stay in Mumbai. There are really very awesome photogenic places in Mumbai and I tried my best to capture them. The outcome of my photo-shoot was only partially satisfying. The main reason may be the out-dated camera which I own. Low-light photography was really very hectic and troublesome. I think now its the time for an upgrade. I need to invest a lot of money for this upgrade to a DSLR, probably Nikon D5100. I strongly believe that Nikon D5100 will be a perfect camera for an amateur photographer like me.

It is from my experience I am saying – ” If you buy, buy the best”. Camera is really an important gadget an individual should own and owning a DSLR will really teach you the art of photography. Even if you are not into photography, shooting with a DSLR will definitely excite you and attract you towards photography. So i recommend everyone to buy atleast an entry level DSLR if you are planning to buy a new camera and know to use a point shoot camera. 🙂



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