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Exploiting my i-Pod

Like I mentioned before in ‘about me’, that photography is also a hobby of mine. Sadly my plan to get a DSLR camera has been postponed due to some reasons. Now the only option left with me is to click photos with my 4th generation i-Pod touch 32gb. My i-Pod is one of the coolest gadgets i own and i totally like it. As you all know that the music output of an i-Pod is the best so far when compared with any other music players in the world. There are so much of free apps in the app store and they all are just awesome. Trust me, you wont ever regret buying an apple product. In some or the other way, it will definitely win your heart. Today I am gonna upload some of my clicks from my i-Pod which I have been shooting since a couple of days. Featuring Goli Kamum, Hage Habung and Johny Borang here are some snaps….check them out..


Photography – The third eye…

Nowadays I am getting interested towards photography. It is not that I am a good photographer or something like that, but why I really don’t know. I own a long zoom camera (Sony cybershot DSC-H 5) since four long years and i have clicked a lot of photographs with that. It was never much exciting unless a couple of months before. In order to celebrate the new year, I have been to Mumbai and had a lot of fun there with friends and relatives. I shot a lot of photographs during this period of my stay in Mumbai. There are really very awesome photogenic places in Mumbai and I tried my best to capture them. The outcome of my photo-shoot was only partially satisfying. The main reason may be the out-dated camera which I own. Low-light photography was really very hectic and troublesome. I think now its the time for an upgrade. I need to invest a lot of money for this upgrade to a DSLR, probably Nikon D5100. I strongly believe that Nikon D5100 will be a perfect camera for an amateur photographer like me.

It is from my experience I am saying – ” If you buy, buy the best”. Camera is really an important gadget an individual should own and owning a DSLR will really teach you the art of photography. Even if you are not into photography, shooting with a DSLR will definitely excite you and attract you towards photography. So i recommend everyone to buy atleast an entry level DSLR if you are planning to buy a new camera and know to use a point shoot camera. 🙂

Who am I ?

pringle r sIts really a funny question – Who am I? but I only intend to briefly describe ‘me’. My name is Pringle R S, born and brought up inpringle r s Andamans; oh yeah I am an islander. I am 23 years old and currently pursuing my graduation. I am usually a fun loving happy go lucky nature guy. I am very much interested in sports and adventure and i seldom travel to new places. I am an average built and stand 170 cms tall. Ethnically, I am an Indian (East-Indian). I love listening musics but i don’t play any. I am an automobile freak and a gadget geek; I am recently into photography and learning about it and I love taking photographs. I have a happy family consisting of 4 members, I am the eldest son of my parents and I have a brother. I am quite friendly in nature and love to make friends and to know about people. My sexual orientation is straight and I love beautiful girls.

Finally….I started blogging :-)

WELCOME TO MY WORLD – ‘world of pringle – exclusively created and being created by me’

world of pringleI (Pringle R S) used to be a guy who always stayed miles away from writing and reading. But i guess, along with changing times, people do change and I am definitely loving this change. I think from now on i will stick with blogging and post something about me, my interests, things that excites me and moments that I cherish.

This blog is dedicated to you all beautiful people and my loved once. Stay tuned in, to know me more, till then take care you guys. Cheers to life 🙂 .

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